Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Create An App Without Coding And Start Making Money

Make Money from Mobile Phone Applications

Are you tired of working your guts out for a payday that doesn’t last ’til the end of the month? Are you worried about the changing economic climate and your own job security? Are you in a local Government job that is possibly under threat? Are you tired of having to worry about a job or looking for a job, only to be told that there is nothing available? Do you know that there are school kids out there who are making more money than you do in a week in only one single day? Do you want to know their secrets? Do you know how to create an app without coding for free?

The Internet is one of the best places to make a living. There are many opportunities online, some of them actually work, provided that you put in the work and apply some basic skills.

Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Business App.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to know what an iPod, iPhone, or iPad is. These are Apple’s best-selling gadgets that have caught the world by storm and here are the statistics to prove it:

  •  In the year 2010 alone, Apple has sold 15 million iPads worldwide.
  • Ever since iPod was launched in 2001, over 250 million iPods have been sold.
  • Apple has sold a little over 80 million iPhones since they were launched.

This means that there are literally hundreds of millions of people using these devices all over the world.

What makes these gadgets so popular are the apps that run exclusively on Apple’s operating system. These apps are classified in many categories based on how they function. There are apps for entertainment and games, apps to bring you the latest world or business news, apps to help you organize your time, and even apps that give you tips to improve your lifestyle or love life!

These millions of users download and pay for millions of apps every single day, and Apple has provided you with the perfect platform to work on.

Can you feel the entrepreneurial bone in your body start to throb now? Just think of the great demand that these apps have going for them.

Imagine making one app and then selling it on the iTunes app store for only $0.99. It may seem like a small amount, but let’s say that a hundred thousand out of the millions of users decided to download your app today. Do the simple math, and you will realize that you have just made $99,000 in one day!

The apps business is as huge as it is lucrative. There is just so much money to be made from this enormous market, and it requires little to no investment on your part. You just need to spend some time to develop your app, and that’s it. It’s the best start-up business for beginners because it’s an extremely low risk.

Benefits Of Android Application Developer For Hire

There are a number of mobile platforms and smartphones available in the market that are sure to make a huge impact on your business development and functioning. But a few stand out from the crowd and Android is one of them. The mobile app development is one such process that can help you in your business. Some of the key advantages of developing Android applications are as under:

Ideal for Companies New To Mobile:

Java is the basic language that Android applications are written on and this is one of the most trusted and robust languages to develop apps on. This way Android becomes highly effective and trustworthy.

Various Distribution Mechanisms:

There are a whole lot of ways through which you can distribute your Android applications. You can distribute to any number of third-party stores, most notably Google’s or you can create distribution channels of your own to sell and promote them. Since the market is open and there are a lot of options available there are no problems of any kind of monopoly or facing of the stringent rules that are against your benefit.

Open Source and Cost Effective:

No need to spend a fortune on getting the license to work on as Android is an open source platform, so the royalty is free, and there is no constriction. The entire platform is available for customization, and thus you can monetize your apps and it's extremely good for handset manufacturers and wireless operators.

Inter-Application Integration:

Android application development is also very well suited for Inter-Application Integration. If you have a set of application and want to integrate them or cross-promote them, then Android is the right choice. It creates a tightly knit relationship between applications and creates a work-friendly experience. is a great option. Mobiroller has 24×7 customer support. Visit and create an app without coding for free.